Issue 351 - June 2016

List of Contents

Chris Scarre
Editorial...... 565


M.J. Walker, D. Anesin, D.E. Angelucci, A. Avilés-Fernández, F. Berna, A.T. Buitrago-López, Y. Fernández-Jalvo, M. Haber-Uriarte, A. López-Jiménez, M. López-Martínez, I. Martín-Lerma, J. Ortega-Rodrigáñez, J.-L. Polo-Camacho, S.E. Rhodes, D. Richter, T. Rodríguez-Estrella, J.-L. Schwenninger & A.R. Skinner
Combustion at the late Early Pleistocene site of Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Río Quípar (Murcia, Spain)...... 571
Peter Jordan, Kevin Gibbs, Peter Hommel, Henny Piezonka, Fabio Silva & James Steele
Modelling the diffusion of pottery technologies across Afro-Eurasia: emerging insights and future research...... 590
Eric J. Guiry, Maria Hillier, Rui Boaventura, Ana Maria Silva, Luiz Oosterbeek, Tiago Tomé, António Valera, João Luís Cardoso, Joseph C. Hepburn & Michael P. Richards
The transition to agriculture in south-western Europe: new isotopic insights from Portugal’s Atlantic coast...... 604
Mary Jackes & David Lubell
New information on Melides stable isotopes...... 617
Mike Parker Pearson, Andrew Chamberlain, Mandy Jay, Mike Richards, Alison Sheridan, Neil Curtis, Jane Evans, Alex Gibson, Margaret Hutchison, Patrick Mahoney, Peter Marshall, Janet Montgomery, Stuart Needham, Sandra O’Mahoney, Maura Pellegrini & Neil Wilkin
Beaker people in Britain: migration, mobility and diet...... 620
Jason Nesbitt
El Niño and second-millennium BC monument building at Huaca Cortada (Moche Valley, Peru)...... 638
Andrea L. Brock & Nicola Terrenato
Rome in the Bronze Age: late second-millennium BC radiocarbon dates from the Forum Boarium...... 654
Kunlong Chen, Jianjun Mei, Thilo Rehren & Congcang Zhao
Indigenous production and interregional exchange: late second-millennium BC bronzes from the Hanzhong basin, China...... 665
N. Shishlina, S. Pankova, V. Sevastyanov, O. Kuznetsova & Yu. Demidenko
Pastoralists and mobility in the Oglakhty cemetery of southern Siberia: new evidence from stable isotopes...... 679
A. Haour, S. Nixon, D. N’Dah, C. Magnavita & A. Livingstone Smith
The settlement mound of Birnin Lafiya: new evidence from the eastern arc of the Niger River...... 695
Nicholas P. Carter & Jeffrey Dobereiner
Multispectral imaging of an Early Classic Maya codex fragment from Uaxactun, Guatemala...... 711
Gordon Noble, Martin Goldberg, Alistair McPherson & Oskar Sveinbjarnarson
(Re)discovering the Gaulcross hoard...... 726
Gabor Thomas, Gerry McDonnell, John Merkel & Peter Marshall
Technology, ritual and Anglo-Saxon agriculture: the biography of a plough coulter from Lyminge, Kent...... 742
Ivo Štefan, Petra Stránská & Hana Vondrová
The archaeology of early medieval violence: the mass grave at Budeč, Czech Republic...... 759
Carenza Lewis
Disaster recovery: new archaeological evidence for the long-term impact of the ‘calamitous’ fourteenth century...... 777
Jian Zhu, Hongjiao Ma, Naisheng Li, Julian Henderson & Michael D. Glascock
The provenance of export porcelain from the Nan’ao One shipwreck in the South China Sea...... 798

Review articles

Stephen W. Silliman
Archaeologies of colonialism and enslavement in Spanish, Portuguese and French America...... 809
R. Bruce Hitchner
War and peace: heritage on the front line...... 813

Book reviews

Lorenzo Nigro
John Strange (ed.) Tall al-Fukhār. Results from excavations in 1990–93 and 2002. Volume I: text; Volume II: plates...... 817
Timothy Earle
Adam T. Smith The political machine: assembling sovereignty in the Bronze Age Caucasus...... 818
Neil Roberts
Harald Meller, Helge Wolfgang Arz, Reinhard Jung & Roberto Risch (ed.) 2200 BC—Ein Klimasturz als Ursache für den Zerfall der Alten Welt? 2200 BC—A climatic breakdown as a cause for the collapse of the Old World? 7. Mitteldeutscher Archäologentag vom 23. bis 26. Oktober 2014 in Halle (Saale). 7th Archaeological Conference of Central Germany October 23–26, 2014 in Halle (Saale)...... 829
Gianluca Tagliamonte
Rafael Scopacasa Ancient Samnium: settlement, culture, and identity between history and archaeology...... 821
Bradley A. Ault
H.R. Reinders, Chris Dickenson, Klimendini Konoyianni, Bernadette Lee, Zoï Malakasioti, Anne Roos Meiwaard, Elsa Nikolaou, Lana Radloff, Vaso Rondiri, Thomas C. Rose & Fotini Tsiouka The city of New Halos and its Southeast Gate...... 823
Michael J. Decker
Deborah N. Carlson, Justin Leidwanger & Sarah M. Kampbell (ed.) Maritime studies in the wake of the Byzantine shipwreck at Yassiada, Turkey...... 824
Andrew Fleming
Stephen Rippon, Chris Smart & Ben Pears The fields of Britannia...... 826
Norman Hammond
George L. Cowgill Ancient Teotihuacan: early urbanism in Central Mexico...... 828
Thomas J. Pluckhahn
Asa R. Randall Constructing histories: Archaic freshwater shell mounds and social landscapes of the St Johns River, Florida...... 830
Robert M. Rosenswig
Barbara Voorhies (ed.) An Archaic Mexican shellmound and its entombed floors...... 831
Pedro Paulo A. Funari
Mark P. Leone & Jocelyn E. Knauf (ed.) Historical archaeologies of capitalism...... 833
Robert Witcher
New Book Chronicle...... 835