Issue 345 - June 2015

List of Contents

Chris Scarre
Editorial...... 523


Innocent Pikirayi
The future of archaeology in Africa...... 531
Paul Pettitt & Paul Bahn
An alternative chronology for the art of Chauvet cave...... 541
Kazuki Morisaki, Masami Izuho, Karisa Terry & Hiroyuki Sato
Lithics and climate: technological responses to landscape change in Upper Palaeolithic northern Japan...... 554
Kourosh Roustaei, Marjan Mashkour & Margareta Tengberg
Tappeh Sang-e Chakhmaq and the beginning of the Neolithic in north-east Iran...... 573
K. Aslıhan Yener, Fikri Kulakoğlu, Evren Yazgan, Ryoichi Kontani, Yuichi S. Hayakawa, Joseph W. Lehner, Gonca Dardeniz, Güzel Öztürk, Michael Johnson, Ergun Kaptan and Abdullah Hacar
New tin mines and production sites near Kültepe in Turkey: a third-millennium BC highland production model...... 596
Paola Demattè
Travel and landscape: the Zuo River Valley rock art of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China...... 613
Richard Madgwick & Jacqui Mulville
Feasting on fore-limbs: conspicuous consumption and identity in later prehistoric Britain...... 629
Paul T. Nicholson, Salima Ikram & Steve Mills
The Catacombs of Anubis at North Saqqara...... 645
Cameron McPherson Smith
Use-wear, chaîne opératoire and labour organisation among Pacific Northwest Coast sedentary foragers...... 662
Dawid Kobiałka, Maksymilian Frąckowiak and Kornelia Kajda
Tree memories of the Second World War: a case study of common beeches from Chycina, Poland...... 683


A.M. Pollard, Peter Bray, Chris Gosden, Andrew Wilson & Helena Hamerow
Characterising copper-based metals in Britain in the first millennium AD: a preliminary quantification of metal flow and recycling...... 697


Susan G. Keates & Yaroslav V. Kuzmin
Shuidonggou localities 1 and 2 (northern China): archaeological and chronological issues of the Initial Upper Palaeolithic in north-east Asia...... 714
Feng Li, Steven L. Kuhn & Xing Gao
A response to Keates and Kuzmin...... 721
Richard T. Callaghan
Drift voyages across the mid-Atlantic...... 724
J. David Lewis-Williams & David G. Pearce
San rock art: evidence and argument...... 732

Review articles

Herbert Maschner
Arctic archaeologies: recent work on Beringia...... 740
Yvon Csonka (ed.). The Ekven settlement: Eskimo beginnings on the Asian shore of Bering Strait
David C. Tennessen K’etniyi: settlement patterns and prehistory in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: an archaeological overview and assessment
E. James Dixon Arrows and atl atls: a guide to the archaeology of Beringia
Norman Hammond
Tikal Reports: the series continues...... 742
William A. Haviland Excavations in residential areas of Tikal: non-elite groups without shrines: the excavations
William A. Haviland Excavations in residential areas of Tikal: non-elite groups without shrines: analysis and conclusions

Book Reviews

Vitale Stefano Sparacello
Erik Trinkaus, Alexandra P. Buzhilova, Maria B. Mednikova & Maria V. Dobrovolskaya. The people of Sunghir: burials, bodies, and behavior in the Earlier Upper Paleolithic...... 746
Susan E. Allen
Paul Halstead. Two oxen ahead. Pre-mechanized farming in the Mediterranean...... 747
Noriyuki Shirai
Penelope Wilson, Gregory Gilbert & Geoffrey Tassie. Sais II: the prehistoric period at Sa el-Hagar...... 749
Philipp Drechsler
Peter Magee. The archaeology of prehistoric Arabia: adaptation and social formation from the Neolithic to the Iron Age...... 750
Sylviane Déderix
Philip Betancourt. Aphrodite's Kephali: an Early Minoan I defensive site in eastern Crete...... 752
Jan Kysela
Manuel Fernández-Götz, Holger Wendlig & Katja Winger (ed.). Paths to complexity: centralisation and urbanisation in Iron Age Europe...... 753
Ian Armit
Mike Parker Pearson & Marek Zvelebil. Excavations at Cill Donnain: a Bronze Age settlement and Iron Age wheelhouse in South Uist...... 755
Andrew Wilson
Richard Stein. The Roman water pump: unique evidence for Roman mastery of mechanical engineering...... 756
Zbigniew T. Fiema
John Peter Oleson & Robert Schick. Humayma Excavation Project 2: Nabatean campground and necropolis, Byzantine churches, and Early Islamic domestic structures...... 758
Letty Ten Harkel
Else Roesdahl, Søren M. Sindbæk, Anne Pedersen & David M. Wilson (ed.). Aggersborg. The Viking-age settlement and fortress...... 759

New Book Chronicle

Ian Lilley, Michael Heckenberger, John Krigbaum & Barry Cunliffe
New Book Chronicle...... 761